24.sep Uppgáva mindmap and write a story

Les báðar uppgávurnar áðrenn tú byrjar. Bæði 1) og 2)

1) Mindmap s. 23 í arbeiðsbókini (vit hava lært í skúlanum at gera mindmap)

(velja antin s. 8,9,10,11,12,13,16,17 ella 18)

2) Write a story about a character or a situation form one of the texts.

You can write a true story or make somthing up. 


Dictation May 18th 2018


When you play baseball you wear a cap on your head.

Many t-shirts and jeans are made of cotton.

I don't like the shape of these jeans. They are too tight.

Warm sweaters are often made of wool.