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Gera eina case - lýs hendingina frá enda í annan, hvat er hent? Hvør var har? Hvat hendi áðrenn? Aftaná? Osv ...

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What's eating Gilbert Grape

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Billy Elliot



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Dictation 25/2-21


Have you had the flu yet this winter? Why do more people get flu in winter than in summer? This fact has puzzled scientist for many years. But a new study has just shown that the flu virus prefers the cold, dry air in winter. Perhaps that means that the usual advice for treating flu symptoms is correct: stay warm and drink lots of fluids. And remember: take painkillers, not antibiotics, for viral illnesses!

Dictation 18/2-21

It was about five minutes before closing time. There were only two customers: a smartly dressed woman and a teenage boy. The boy asked me to help him. He was looking for Alien. He wanted me to find it for him. I had to leave my desk and go into the back of the shop. I didn’t really see what happened, but the shop manager suddenly came out of her office. She told me to lock the front door and to call the police. She was holding the boy by the arm. She warned him not to move. The police arrived a few minutes later.